I Made Brown and Got Out OF THERE….

In our family, making brown is code for messing your pants.

I needed to state that fact from the beginning as to make this post understandable.

I had a fantastic day today. I went home after work, slept for a few hours and my person and I took a road trip and went exploring a new part of a town we both enjoy going to.

We enjoyed the trip and time together. We went looking for items for new projects and we both racked up. We laughed, strolled up and down a street of closed shops just looking at the buildings, doors and merchandise in the windows. It was lovely and I felt so alive after a rough week. Today, I took time to really enjoy who I was with and what I was seeing. It was incredible and I felt beautiful. A great difference from my last post.

Then the night ended. We each went to our respective homes. I carried my purchases into the house. As I sat them down in the floor, I said I would worry about dealing with everything tomorrow. I was going to eat some chips and salsa and watch a movie.

All was going according to plan the groceries were put away, the salsa and chips were in one hand the tea I was going to drink in the other.

Then I saw it, a black snake slithering along the baseboard in my kitchen. Now I know a black snake won’t kill you but he will scare the crap out of you.


Up into the air goes the salsa and chips. Some how, I manage to hang onto the tea.

Luckily, I still had my cell phone in my pocket. I grabbed my keys (like the snake was going to steal my car). I run out onto my carport and dial my nieces phone.

Her husband who is obviously asleep answers the phone. I tell him my story and he tells me he will be there in a little bit.

I might interject here that it was approximately 11:30 pm our time. So I don’t sit down on the step and wait, no I pace back and forth on the highway.

On the street where I live, I knew there would be a couple of cars come by but I was also walking where my security light was shining.

We he finally arrives some 15 minutes later, he tears my house apart. He can’t find the snake. He said most likely the snake got scared and went out the way he came in.

Well, needless to say, I am sleeping on their sofa tonight. Tomorrow, I will go  reclaim my house.

But for tonight, I made brown and got out of there.


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