On The Outside…

I woke up from a good rest today. After awakening I just laid there for a while.  Just laid there and existed. I wasn’t worrying about anything. I was just being me, in my most genuine form.

I sat up and decided to start “my day” which was late afternoon for most people, by writing in my journal. There wasn’t any complaining, no whining, no worries in the writings. Just a writing of gratitude about the people in my life. It was nice.

When I finished, I laid my head back down on my pillow for a few minutes and just thought about things. I was in no rush today. It was too cold to mow, I didn’t want to do laundry, I had worked on my projects last night, so I was going somewhere. I put out a call for company. The answer was yes.

Wearing uniforms all the time, I don’t get a great deal of chances to “pretty up”. Most nights I may never see anyone else, I just suit up and go to work.

Well, when I got out of the shower, I put on a nice shirt, Levis and my paisley shoes. Then I put on my face.  I just wanted to look nice.

I wanted to look nice for him but I wanted to look nice for the sake of looking nice.

We didn’t have big plans, we were just going riding around. I didn’t care what we did. It was time spent together.

When I went to drop off a necklace that had been purchased by a local waitress., a couple people asked me why I was so dressed up, one little guy who truly doesn’t have a filter said “You look so pretty”.

I take spells where I want to wear makeup;  where I want to embellish what is already there. I felt pretty upon awakening so I wanted to show it outwardly.  Not for any specific reason but just simply because I want to.

Before it was over, we had driven many miles, we had a great deal of fun working on an experiment, at one point picking up my niece and her husband to ride around with us, a freaking comedy  show on wheels complete with flashing lights reacting to the speed and direction of travel. It was awesome.

It was just one of those days when life was good and I wanted it to show on the outside.


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