One Pedal, One Row, One Step at a Time….

Yesterday, I had something on my brain. It was nagging at me and I let it steal my sleep.

I would doze off, wake up and it would still be on my mind. This went on for 8 hours until I just gave up and got on with my day.

Last night at work I felt it. About 4 am I wanted to make a dent in my bed. I was having a great debate with myself about working out this morning. One, I was tired. Two, it is one thing to come in on the shift that I don’t work in my workout clothes, we all know that workout clothes hug your curves a little more closely than street clothes. So, it was weird for me to wear them in front of the guys who work my shift and  have to see them everyday. I might just skip it today. That would be too easy, make advances or make excuses. That was the choice I faced.

Advance!! Forward March!!

So when my shift ended, the work stuff went out to the car and the workout stuff came in from the car. I went into the workout room and did 4 timed cycles on the stationary bike, increasing the intensity each time. Then I moved to the compound rowing machine. I did 30 reps on it. It was a very low amount of weight, 30 pounds but my goal is to start slow so I don’t do more harm than good.

After I finished in the workout room I went for a walk. I walked out of the parking lot, it was misting rain and just cool enough. I walked up the street behind where I used to work. I had walked this same street many time to try to control my emotions when the world was pressing on me, now I walk it for the joy of being out in the morning light. At one point, I noticed that the birds singing their morning songs were flying around me, like they were greeting me for the new day.

I looked at the guardian, the town water tower, as it was shrouded in the mist of the morning. It was still standing strong and true.

I walked up the street into the school parking lot and walked around it, coming back out onto the side walk  and I went down Main Street USA. The only person I saw was the town jogger. She jogs past me and say good morning. I say good morning in kind knowing she doesn’t hear me because of the ear buds in her ears.

I took a photo of the stairs that lead to no where, there used to be a house there and all that remain are the steps that lead to the house.

In front of the place I used to work and  across an intersection, past the liquor store, art store and past the court house.

Finally I made the turn to go back toward the office.

As I got into my car, my skin was moist from the sweat I had produced and the mist I had walked through.

Now as I lay here in my bed, I am glad that I did let excuses stand in my way.


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