The Box….

It is just a simple box. I bought it at a second hand store. It holds nothing that would be of any value to anyone else.

Nobody but me, myself and I know what is in the box. Maybe soon, the one will see it.

We are the only two who need to know what is in that box


. It doesn’t have anything to do with anyone but the two of us.

It is my treasure box. It holds memories. It is not anything “special” to the outside world.

It is tangible evidence that this is not all a dream, that it is really happening to ME.

The one thing I never thought could happen to me is happening.

It was so outside my realm of thinking a few years ago and yet it is happening.

When I first met him, I saw no reason he could ever care for me,  he was so far out of my league, so tall and handsome, he didn’t know that I had longed for him many years ago. He didn’t know that a little preteen girl was sitting at her grandmothers house, the same house I live in today, daydreaming about him. Many years later, I wouldn’t realize what a part he would play in my life.

So for now, I add to the box, one item at a time. I collect them regularly, usually without him knowing why I am choosing the things I am choosing.

He knows about the box, just not the contents and for now, at least, those things I hold in my heart and in my box, well, they will just have to be my little secret.


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