Gotta Get Movin’….

My current job is pretty sedentary. I can only wander so far from any phone I must answer. So trying to get enough movement in my life at times is difficult.

I am having to figure out way to get me moving and stay away from extra calories because of the simple fact that I don’t get as much time to move.

There are reasons I want to keep moving. One, I want to be around to spend time with those I love. Two, I want to feel good and knowing that I am carrying around extra pounds doesn’t make me feel good mentally. I have carried around much more for far longer but I would like to be thinner for reason three. Three, I want to look good for him. He has photographed models. I am far from a model. Never have been, never will be.  I consider myself lucky to pass for plain. I am not that girl that gets told she is beautiful, sexy or hot. Not that I want a lot of people to tell me, him telling me is all I want.

I am struggling with this birthday, I will be 48  in less than a month . As usual, I have set myself a weight loss goal before my birthday. I haven’t told anybody, I haven’t make the proclamation  on social media not to feed the animal because she is on a diet. I have to hold myself accountable.

SO I have done the official weigh in and it began Sunday.

Sunday, I went for brunch where my friend works. I made wiser choices than usual. More protein, less carbs, grab some fruit instead of the muffin. I know what to do but I am a foodie. I like food. Sue me.

While I was waiting to see if my person wanted to do something, the little guy who works in the bowling alley asked me if I wanted to bowl. Sure, it is moving and bending. It is exercise and I like to bowl. I’m not good at it and I have to have bumpers but it is fun.

Then I went and played frisbee with my great nieces. That got me moving, fresh air and sunshine.

My person said we could meet up for an hour or so, so we went for a walk in the woods. I got winded going up hill but I kept going. Plus wearing your cute sandals in the woods might not be the best idea.  Got some pretty good photos out of it also. I really wasn’t going to take photos I just wanted to spend what time I could with him. He asked me if I got the photos I expected to, my reply was I had no expectation set. I meant as far as photography.

After our time together ended, I went back and played  more frisbee.

I slept well that night.

Yesterday, I went up to my moms and played with her dog strolling about in the open field beside my moms house. When I left there I went to the workout room where I work. I had played around a bit on the machines not sure how some of them worked. I had to sneak up on it and convince myself that nobody would laugh if they saw me trying to use them. It is pretty cool to have access to some state of the art exercise equipment free of charge. So I started slow today, I used three of the machines and some free weights. My workout was about 30 minutes. Start slow. Then I went for a walk at the local track until it started raining on me.

I know it may not matter to anyone else. It does to me. I want to look good and feel good. I don’t want to sit idle while time passes me by and suddenly one day, like the guy I went to school with have a stroke before I am 50. I know I still could but I want to try to do things I can to prevent it today.


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