Oh In That Moment…

I have had some tender moments the last two times we have been together. I don’t tell him about them, I just keep them in my heart.

The first ones happened on Sunday. We were riding on a crooked country road and I looked over and the sun was gleaming on his beard. I literally hurt myself trying to restrain myself from pulling the car over and rubbing my fingers through it right then and there…and I should have, today when I saw him….it was gone.

Now don’t think I am lamenting it, I’m not. I know it has to be hot and it is pretty warm where we live. And, there is always an and….it makes his eyes sparkle more. He has amazing eyes. They were the first things I noticed about him. They seemed to dance today.

Sorry, wandered off there, as I said on Sunday we went for a short drive, I had to work that night. I am a firm believer in turning the direction the muses are leading, so I did.

We wound up on a dusty road that lead to a beautiful creek the had some amazing little falls, dips and twists, we saw a a rock that had become dislodged years ago and was now its own little rock island, supporting life.

We saw different types of rock and he who understands science much more than I do explained to me how they were different. We saw flower species that I had never seen before. I took some photos and to me it was almost like we were walking in the garden of Eden.

I was sad that it was such a short amount of time that we had to spend together that day.

Today, we were going shopping, if there is water near by I am going to have to see it. I pulled into a state park on the way to our destination.

We walked down to the river where grandparents, a jubilant granddaughter playing in the river in just her undies and a golden lab with a tennis ball were playing in the river.

There were butterflies, I have a special connection to butterflies. A yellow one somewhat befriend the group and it circle around the two of us a couple times. I like to think it was showering a special blessing on the two of us.

We walked a ways up the trail and I ached to reach over and take his hand. I started to a couple of times, but once again, I allowed fear to win out. It the simplest of things, yet, I fear his reaction. It’s simple right, just take his hand, see if it fits.

As we were walking along, we came upon four deer in the wood we all were shocked at the sight of each other in the woods. I stopped short, as he was walking in front of me. Stood so close to him that we were almost one being and in the moment, I felt my soul stir, here I was on this trial with him and the deer were looking at us, the couple who stuck around for a few seconds. It was almost as if time stood still.

Oh in that moment, no one else existed, just  the two of us and the deer.

We continued on our destination, sharing some laughs, some thoughts, some ideas, some time.


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