Morning Song….

As I step out of work at the end of my twelve hour shift, there is a chill in the air. For mid April we still have pretty cool mornings.

I stop and I look around me. I see more cars than I did when I went in to work because more people work on day shift, even on Saturday, I know what day it is because my relief told me, that is the only way I know.  Anymore I just look to see if there is a “W” or an “O” on the calendar to know if I work or if I am off.

I also notice the pink in the sky, it is a lovely pale pink until I walk to the edge of the building then I see an utterly amazing start to a new day. What a glorious sunrise I see.  I snap a photo with my cell phone that will be used moments later.

I listen to the birds singing their sweet songs. They are welcoming a new day with a chorus of praise. They have no worries or cares, they just share their melody with me as no one else is around. For a brief few moments I am being serenaded.

I get into my car and come home. I have changed my pattern, I used to say good morning when I arose, now I bid him a good morning as I am laying my head to rest. He is the first and last person I communicate with daily. This morning, I add the photo I took to share with him what I see when I step out into the new day.

My morning quiet time is over and now I lie in my bed, hugging my stuffed lamb knowing that a new day has begun and all is well.


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