My Mind Won’t SHUT UP….

It has been one of those weeks with a great deal on my mind. Family issues. We all have them.

Monday, my mom calls me and wakes me up and starts telling me that I should not be at a certain place selling my jewelry. She tells me that it would not look good if my car was seen at this place.

I remind her that I am pushing 50 years old. I am pretty sure I can be trusted. I am the baby of the family and when you own that position, everyone seems to think they have a say.

I finally had enough and just said  don’t you trust me? She said I don’t trust the people that come in there. You are a pretty woman. And besides what if the wrong person sees your car sitting there? I said they can stop and buy jewelry.

Tuesday, I slept all day. Probably a good thing. My mom went to the doctor again and she has another infection in her foot. This of course made me feel bad about being so vocal to her the day before.  Then my best friend shared with me that my mom may not have been so far off the mark.

Wednesday, I spent in solitude. I worked on some projects, did laundry, didn’t even go out my door until late in the evening when I went to get something to eat.

Thursday, spent most of the day at home, on the phone with my parents trying to decide what they were going to do on Friday because my sister is having two surgeries. I did get a chance to have lunch with my person but that to was interrupted with phone calls.  I am sure me answering calls, staring blindly out the window and saying I just don’t know what to do wasn’t pleasant. I owe him an apology when I see him next. I finally decided I needed to play so I went to see my great nieces and play in the sunshine and fresh air. I wanted to turn in my adult card for a while.

 SO… tonight I can’t get my mind to wind down, I can’t get it to shut up. I really need to sleep tonight. I am thinking about my family, my sister, my person (he is the one I smile when I think about), what I am going to do about selling my jewelry, I have transferred several memory cards from my camera to my external hard drive. I am thinking about a piece I want to make and how I need to do it, all the while talking to my friend on the phone.

Maybe it is time to put on some soft music, think about the person who makes me smile, wonder what it would be like to be wrapped in his arms and him telling me that everything is going to work out the way it is supposed to. He is good at that. Right now, I really could use that.


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