Have A Vision….

I am penning this post at work, the typed version you will read, will be done before my head hits the pillow.

I admit that I am a geek of the highest order. I love watching documentaries, I love reading biographies, I like things that other people may see as weird such as poetry over romance novels, to me poetry can take you on a journey in a few verses. Classical music, although I do listen to most other kinds of music there are some exceptions. I am fine with that. I am who I am, I like what I like. It is those unique little things that make us who we are.

The TV viewing for the night was PBS. I watched two shows. The first was about the people who had the vision to see parks in middle of bustling cities and how it would improve the quality of life for the citizens of the cities they featured.

These people wanted to create a place of tranquility in the midst of chaos. They wanted to create an oasis of peace amongst freeways, some even above thoroughfares. Some were built in flood prone areas to stop the potential flood that would occur again if something didn’t change and now, it is a bustling, lively, lovely business district including a canal. Old refinery towers that one polluted the soil where they stood and were considered an eyesore, thanks to the designers were incorporated into a lovely park. He incorporated what already existed into his design instead of destroying what had been there for years.

They were people of vision. When planning their design they saw people strolling, playing, relaxing, enjoying the space that they saw in their mind. A place where fresh air, sunshine, exercise and in some case learning, as classroom were incorporated. They wanted any person to be able to enjoy their vision.

The second program was a documentary of Jackie Robinson, famed baseball player. He also was a man of vision, not the same type but of vision none the less. A talented athlete, a family man, a man  who not only broke barriers for himself but so many others.

He wanted to play major league baseball, not something that had happened for a black man before. This was the late 1940’s and 1950’s. It was unheard of, until Jackie.

He was a diabetic and had heart problems yet he still played the game he loved. He never let anyone know of his health problems, worried they would use them against him. He was outspoken and honest about how he saw the world and the changes he would like to see.

In his rookie year, this man hit 12 home runs and had 29 stolen bases.

His family, when trying to purchase a home were rejected and stayed for a while with the parents of Carly Simon. He even taught her how to bat. I think that in itself is pretty cool. The neighborhood kids wanted to call him Mr. Robinson, he preferred they called him Jackie.

His vision was for the advancement of people who felt they didn’t have a voice. He was as passionate about his contribution to the world as he was the sport he loved.

He wanted a better world for people, as much as he loved baseball, he used it as a catapult for change and while he was at it, he made it into the baseball Hall of Fame.

I know someone who is a visionary. He sees much further into the future than I do and he wants to make a difference in peoples lives. These are both qualities I admire in him.

As for me, I am a person who longs to have vision, I am working on that. Will I design parks where people go when they want to escape the world, nah, I go to parks to escape the world, my thoughts, myself sometimes.

Will I ignite change for an entire race of people ? Nope.

Will I  ever be in any Hall of Fame, don’t see that one happening either.

This much I know is true… I have impacted the lives of children who will some day will impact children who will impact children. Hopefully that will be part of my legacy.

Now I am that person who stands in the gap when others need help. When they don’t know what else to do they call me. They reach out and press the numbers on the phone knowing someone will be there to answer their call.

What’s next?? Well maybe just maybe that part of the journey is where my vision lies. Those wings I have been dreaming about can catch the right current and propel me in to the stratosphere.


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