Fantasy Island…

Not being much of a TV watcher this is an odd post for me.

Last night, I was watching the classic TV show, Fantasy Island.I hadn’t seen it in years; Since I was a kid in fact. I just so happened to be scrolling through the channels and happened upon it.

Watching it with adult eyes is very different of the child of the 70’s who watched the same show.

Of course everyone remembers Tatoo and “De plane, De plane” and Mr. Roarks white suit. Those are the known values of each episode. The unknowns are the people who want their deepest fantasies fulfilled.

In the episode I saw last evening, there was a has been boxing manager who wanted one more chance to manage a prize fighter and a young woman who wanted to be a great dancer. Her idol was Ginger Rogers.

He found his boxer but he had been injured in a previous match. A single blow to the head could kill him.  He was going to fight or die trying. The manager had a struggle should he let him box to fulfill his fantasy or should he stop the fight so the boxer could remain safe?? He chose to stop the fight even though his fantasy would not be fulfilled. This was of course a logical choice. There was no benefit in managing a boxer for one fight if it would kill him.

Then there was the dancer. Mr. Roark presented her a pink box with a powder puff in it. He told her that it contained the dust from the stages where every great dancer ever set foot. All she had to do was sprinkle some on her shoes and she too would become a great dancer. In her regular life, she was existing as a secretary. She was passionate about dancing but she didn’t have the courage to pursue her passion.

She did as she was told to try out for the dance theatre on the island. She was good. She had the magic of those who had gone before her on her shoes. She was so good in fact that she wasn’t picked for the show. The man she danced with later admitted that.

Of course, Mr. Roark had something up his sleeve. He invited a friend of his to watch them dance. She too had a choice  to make, did she save the last of the dust for herself or did she give it to the man she had fallen in love with as they danced together. She could very easily use the dust to make herself the star of the show, she already had the friends attention as he watched her dance about the island.

As the male dancer sat with his head in his hand preparing for the show, she eased up, open the box and with great love and little thought for herself sprinkled the dust on his shoes. This of course was a decision made purely from an emotional level. She was willing to give up her dream to make his come true.

Of course in the end they danced together. she was flawless on her own accord. She had given her  gift to him and in return she got to see that she had it within herself all along. . Everybody lived happily ever after.

As an adult I looked at the fact that they both made decisions. There are decisions we make. Some can be made with logic and reason. Others must come entirely from the heart.

I sat and thought about what my fantasy would be. I know what it is, you don’t need to know, sorry.

I can tell you it is not to be rich or famous. I think that I would be miserable. I don’t  want to live my life without the glare of a spotlight.

I don’t want a great deal of fancy things. I live very simply, as long as I can pay my bills and enjoy my life a little, I am good.

No my fantasy is so simple yet so complex, I guess that is why it is a fantasy, if it were an easy goal, it might not be worth it. I might not learn anything along the way. So fantasies are good, goals are good and believing in yourself, which is something I am learning to do, well that is pretty amazing.


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