Being Wonder Woman Isn’t Easy…

Lately, I have been keeping a very hectic schedule. I have been burning the candle at both ends.

I started a new job, every Saturday I was taking classes, I have been working on my jewelry business and my photography. The only down time I allowed myself was with my person. This is my time to just relax and breathe.

Being a brunette child in the 1970’s Wonder Woman was your role model. She still is mine. I wish I could rock a corset like she does. I wish I could get enough courage to wear  a corset.

She (disguised at mild mannered Diana Prince) along with the dashing Steve Trevor took on formidable opponents and Wonder Woman kicked their tail. Steve was the brains, she was the brawn.

She taught young women of my generation that they can do anything that a man can do. She could jump higher, change her voice, her golden lasso forced the baddies to tell the truth, her bullet proof bracelets saved many a person and that crown had amazing accuracy.

I have a corset wearing Amazon goddess that is living in me. She pushes me to try my best.

Well, Saturday Wonder Woman slipped. I was headed straight to class directly from work and I stopped to change my shirt. I, in my rush, dropped my wallet. It took me a couple hours to realize it was gone. I called the place where I dropped it. Yes, they had my wallet. Sadly someone had helped themselves to its contents. I had just cashed my paycheck.

I could have been angry. I feel violated but not angry. I went about doing what I needed to do.

On the drive home, I had a good cry. I hadn’t slept in 24 hours, I had been robbed, it was okay to cry.

This was a couple days ago. In that time I have come to terms with the fact that it happened. I have also decided that it could have happened to someone who had children who would go hungry. I won’t. It will require me to tighten my budget a bit but I can’t let it stop me from living. I have people offer to help me through this spot. I am still blessed and I know Karma is a thing.

Yesterday was an unusual day at work. I was put to the test and rather than falter, I stepped up to the plate. I may not have handled it perfectly but I handled it. I realized that some things had fallen through because I need to be right where I am.

Today, I got another chance to spend time with my person. We had lunch, walked around Main Street in a small neighboring town, took a nice drive and I took some photos of a sunset. The moon was full. It was so amazing.

Here is what I wanted to do and did not….. I wanted to reach over and take him by his arm and just walk arm in arm with him, I wanted to look at him and say it has been a tough few days, could you hold me for just a minute, I didn’t take his hand because…..well I don’t know why because. I guess I wasn’t sure how he would react.

Watching the sun set and the moon rise, that would have been the perfect moment but I am sure even Wonder Woman had her doubts and trust me I don’t have her figure to fall back on.

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