You Meet The Nicest People Hanging Out On The Side of A Mountain…


I am working on a project, it will require me driving 20 miles out of my way for several days until I get the photo of the perfect sunrise.

I worked a 12 hour shift last night and I got off work before the sun came up. I told my co-worker that I was heading for the mountain, she asked me why and I told her I was going to get a photo of the sun coming up.

She proceeded to tell me I was crazy, I should go home and get in bed. She didn’t think so when I texted her a photo of what I was seeing.

I didn’t really want to take this trip by myself, but I did.

So as I arrived, I got there in darkness. I looked things over as the sky started to lighten, wondering where I needed to place my camera for the best shot, I walked and I looked, I picked up the tripod and moved again, I worked for about 15 minutes trying to figure out just exactly where I needed to be.

When it was evident that the sun would peek over the hills in the distance, I got ready. Then a car pulled in. A gentleman got out of the car and said, I thought I was going to miss it, I raced up the mountain to get a picture of the sun rising, I watched the sky all the way up. Oddly enough, I had come down the mountain the same way. As we stood there me with my Canon Rebel T5i and he with his cell phone, a couple pulled in, they were taking a selfie with the sun rising behind them, (I was kind of envious of them to be honest), then a tractor and trailer stopped. The driver got out and he was doing video with his GoPro.

We were all there for the same reason, we were there to see the break of a new day. As I thought about some things, tears ran down my cheeks. We were a mixed bag of people, males, females, white, black, Hispanic and we were all there for the same reason. Not many words were spoken but for that moment we all shared a common bond. We were all people just hanging out on the side of a mountain, waiting for the sun to rise.


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