Watching The Sun Fade to Gold…

It was an amazing day. After a day I disappointed myself, having a talk with myself and reminding said person how far she had come, the obstacles she had cleared and went to sleep with a million question, I got the most amazing day.

It started out as a day of celebration, even though I had failed, I was still going to celebrate the accomplishments I have made in the past little while. You can only beat yourself up so much until you have to stand up to yourself and say enough.

We were going to have lunch and I needed to pick up one thing at the arts supply store. We won’t say how many dollars later, we left the store.

We got in the car and I was going to take the scenic route home. Well, instead of turning the direction that would lead us home, my wanderlust kicked in and  I turned the other direction.

I am really glad I did. I got to see some amazing bodies of water, some interesting mosses, some beautiful scenery, but nothing compared to the sunset I saw.

One of the first images I ever shot as a photographer was an almost perfect sunset. The reason it wasn’t perfect was because I had asked my person, who wasn’t my person at the time but I wanted him to be, to go watch the sunset with me. He politely declined.

That was a while ago. Today, I got my perfect sunset. I had three amazing views; a beautiful vista, a golden sunset and him.

It was hard for me to decided which one I wanted to gaze upon most.

When we pulled into the spot where we parked, I noticed the sunset looked almost like a desert sunset. I have never seen an actual desert sunset, we are about as far from a desert as you can get. I sat down on a rock wall and joked that I had laid the keys there so if I fell over the wall, he could go on home and the cell phone was there also so he could call for help.

We watched as it turned a mountain to gold. It was amazing to watch it. It started out a one corner and slowly overtook the entire mountain. Suddenly, as if magic, the sun dipped down below the cloud it had been hiding behind and it was shining directly on us. I was an awe inspiring moment. I was standing kind of behind to one side of him and tears ran down my cheeks. He didn’t see them. My heart was so full of the majesty I had just seen and the fact that we were sharing this moment together. There wasn’t a great deal of talk, just enjoying these moments.

After many years, I had gotten that perfect sunset. I didn’t tell him that it was perfect, may I should have.


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