The Joy You See Around You…

This afternoon I would have liked to have someone to talk to, but I didn’t.

I was hoping to get to spend some time with him as that is a premium thing for me this week.

I was going to play with my new toy, a tripod, I have never really liked using them. I thought if I bought a sturdy one that I might be more inclined to trust it to hold my camera.

I still don’t like it but maybe I will learn.

There is a bridge I have been looking at to photograph. Today was the day.

As I got to the place I needed to be, I saw a young couple doing what I would have liked to do, they were having an impromptu picnic. I spoke as I went by and went on my way. Didn’t want to bother them.

I took my photos and walked on the bank of the river.

Being alone gave me some time to think.

Yes, in that moment I was lonely. I admit that. It’s okay to admit that all of us get lonely from time to time.

Then I thought about some things I had witnessed this day.

I saw a man performing what some would consider a demeaning task. He was spraying down the sidewalk at a fast food restaurant. He was dancing as he sprayed. He and that water hose were putting on quite a show.  He was joyful.

I saw a blind man walking down a different sidewalk in a different town. You could tell that his vision had been gone for many years. Yet with his cane in front of him to alert him to the bumps and pitfalls in his path, he strolled down that sidewalk and a pretty good clip and he hummed as he went along. He was joyful.

I got to see a little girl that wanted to wear her wishes in a bottle that I had made for her around her neck to school today. She was joyful.

I saw this young couple who were stealing some sacred moments together, joy.

I could think about how lonesome I was or I could think about the joy around me. I chose the latter.

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