Wish He Could See Himself as I See Him…

He once told me that he wishes I could see myself the way he sees me.

Not sure how he sees me now. He doesn’t say.

Here is what I would tell him if I could find the words looking him in the eye, but I go all stupid….

I see someone who is so smart and talented that there is no stopping him.

I see the him that he doesn’t let other people see and that person is amazing.

I wish he could see the person I see when I look at him.

A person with a strong mind, a tender heart (unless you hurt someone who is close to him), a man of ideas and ideals, a man who doesn’t stand up on a pedestal and scream look at me but quietly does his own thing, in his own way. When he does share his interest with the world, the herald it on the makers circuit. These are people who know their stuff. They have featured his work on blogs and webcasts. Then he gave me this prize piece of jewelry that he created himself. That is a gift no amount of money can buy.

I wish he could see what I see when I look at him. I know it shows all over my face when I am talking to him or I even mention his name. People have mentioned it after seeing us together only a few times. I have a smitten look on my face.

He doesn’t know how good it feels when he makes me laugh. I enjoy laughter although sometimes I feel like a braying mule. When I doubt myself he is my biggest cheerleader, just as I am his. When he has a success, the cute little cheerleader in my mind is jumping up and down and screaming his name.

He goes with me on my little adventures and doesn’t fuss about my driving yet I am sure he sometimes fears for his life.

They don’t make men like him anymore. A man of character, with brains, heart and dang…he ain’t hard on they eyes either.

I just wish he could see himself they way I see him.


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