A Life Lesson Disguised as Cookie Baking…

It is the last day of 2015 and what am I doing? Baking cookies.

It has been a weird week to say the least. I am pretty sure I have been insulted several times this week, at least my intelligence has.

Yesterday pretty much took the cake.

I was in the grocery store getting stuff for the cookie baking and a lady came up to me and being in a small town, you learn to listen to questions intently. She said ” I wish you had plans for tomorrow night.” I said “I do”. She said “Oh you going to church”. Me: Nope. Her “Oh” subtext…she is seeing someone and doesn’t want anyone to know. Her next response was “So what are you doing”?? Me “decorating cookies”. It is none of her business what I am doing in my personal life. I didn’t ask, didn’t care what she was doing.

That was why I needed to work on my  concentration last night.

So today, I have to bake cookies. I asked the group of creatives I work with if they wanted to meet tonight. We could decorate the cookies, have pizza and sort of a new years eve shindig all at once.

Some of them agreed quickly asking what they could bring. Some never replied at all.  One jokingly said booze? I said only if you want me dancing on the table. I don’t drink.

Let it be know here and now, I am not a baker. Cooking, yes. Baking, NO!!

These are the simple rolls of sugar cookies you get at your local supermarket. I was simply supposed to cut out (into gingerbread man shapes) and bake 144 cookies. That should be a snap.

Not really. The looked more like the Michelin man, Big Foot, the Loch Ness  Monster, not gingerbread men.

What was I doing wrong?? Work through it. It is  a problem to be solved.  So I started working through it. I was putting nine cookies to a pan. Lets try 6. Okay, the still don’t look like I want, flour your hands and the wax paper. Some better but still not right.

Then somewhere in my memory bank, I remembered my mom dipping  cookie cutters in water.

Bingo!!! Eureka!!! Atta Girl!!!  Flour everything including your pants, make it thin but not too thin, it will break apart every time, wet your cookie cutter. Suddenly cookies are rolling out of the kitchen.

Now while I was trying to figure all this out, my sister was texting me with her when does Mom go to the doctor and here is why I can’t take her. Okay I got it covered. I am baking cookies.

My nieces husband text me and wants me to baby sit tonight. Sorry I can’t. I have plans. I am baking cookies.

Life is very much like me trying to get the Big Foot cookies to look right. Keep working at it. Make changes as needed. Don’t give up just forge ahead with the task at hand, don’t be distracted, have fun and when you’re done, throw a heck of a party!!!

This plan sounds a great deal more appealing than how I have spent some of my past new years eves, like last year when I was sitting alone in my car, wrapped in my blanket reminding myself of everything I hadn’t accomplished. This year, I will celebrate what I have.


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