The IDG Returns Riding Her Vacuum….

So the IDG (Inner Domestic Goddess) has been trying to work her way out of me and into the real world. She has been making suggestions that I have been managing to ignore. I kept saying I needed to do this and do that. Christmas is coming for goodness sake, I’ve got things to do.

Yesterday, I put her off with it is Christmas Day. I don’t need to be cleaning. I will sit here for hours watching videos of the same band for hours.

So this morning….she came in with a take no prisoners attitude.

As soon I as I roll out of bed, she is on. She tells the emotional part of my brain, here is something to worry about, something to fret over and just to make sure you stay busy fume over this other thing. And go!!!

Logical part, you should make a list of the songs on the CD’s she has been going through for 3 years. No time like now to start…. And go!!

Creative part, you sing each and every song word for word. You should know them by now, she has listened to them enough. And GO!!!

Now while the rest of you aren’t looking, I will do what I do best.

It started with organizing my shoes. I like shoes. Did you know that about me. I have a certain propensity to boots.

Then she moved to laundry. While the first load was washing, she decided to strip the bed and wash the sheets and blankets.

While the bed was naked, she noticed some shoes sticking out from under the bed. She has me crawl under the bed and clean out from under there.

Next we moved to the wear around the house clothes. It is time to weed down that pile. You have plenty of clothes here with paint stains that some of them can go….Buh bye.

The dresser drawers should be cleaned out. It is crucial you do those now. My underwear and socks are in immaculate order.

Don’t forget you have laundry going.

You should move all the crafting stuff out of this room. This room is where you rest and refresh. You should not be doing you crafts in this room.

You got three new light units for Christmas. You should group those together and place them in front of a mirror. It will open up the room and give it the ambiance you have been wanting.

Put this away. Wipe that down. That doesn’t need to be in here. Put that in the other room. Deal with it later.

Then she started on the closet. The good thing about the other parts of my brain being occupied with other things was that the could purge my closet with extreme prejudice. She showed no mercy.

Some 6 hours later she is done. One bag of garbage. 3 bags and box going to the local thrift store. You realize that she hasn’t let you doing the basic necessities of life like shower, eat or comb your hair.

You change out of your “goddess clothing”,  old dirty clothes into some jeans and a tee shirt. You go and drop off stuff you will need for work on Monday and as hearing her laugh at the irony of her timing, you run into your person. Here you are, tired, hungry, no shower, hair pulled back and no make up.

Guess the muscles for her cleaning spree didn’t look like much of  a goddess at that point.

But the goddess in me was very aware that his hair was down today.


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