Christmas Morning…

It is Christmas Morning at my house.

The only noise I hear is the tires on the rain wet road passing my house on their way to somewhere.

I also have a movie playing in the background.

I slept in, there was no need for me to rise early. There are no children here to wake me up early. The only gift I open this morning is a pair of boots I bought and wrapped up for myself. It is a tradition, in chapter 2 that I buy something I really want and wrap it up for Christmas. It is the one time that if I want it, I get it. This is how I got my first pair of boots. They have been retired but I still own them. They are worn out but oh the journey they started me on.

These boots are a little fancier. Okay, maybe a lot fancier. It is part of my bling loving life style.

As I awakened, I got a message from my person wishing me a Merry Christmas.  Then I got a text from a mutual friend of ours wishing “Santa” a Merry Christmas. Long story short, I played Santa once. Then he realized who it was 20 something years later. Think I might have shocked him. I still remember him out of all the kids who came through that day and it just so happened that our picture was in the local paper that year.

I threw some of those pre-made biscuits in the microwave and poured a cup of coffee. I now sit and wait. Wait for the family thing at 3:00. My family should consider our parents being here a gift in and of itself a gift.

We came mighty close to losing both of them this year and we still have a couple of hurdles to jump before they are both back to 100%.

Nobody else sees that my mom becomes overwhelmed doing things that used to be easy for her to do. She called me yesterday and I went and help her get her thoughts organized so she could get the gifts wrapped.

She asked me if my person was coming. I said I wasn’t sure if I should ask him or not since I am a guest in someone else’s home. She said well of course you should. So I did in a round about way. I told him that my mom thought he should come and I tended to agree with her. It would have just been to easy to say I would like for you to be there. That would have just been way to easy. Just like when I said yesterday, will I see you tomorrow?? That was my way of saying I want to see your face on Christmas day. That is what I want for Christmas this year. Just to see your face.

So, I sit, drink coffee and type out my thoughts.

Merry Christmas. Enjoy the time with those you love. Remember that is so much more important than anything you can put under a tree.


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