The Most Incredible Gift…

Today started out as a eehhhh day. I woke up late. It is the last day of work before Christmas vacation.

The Christmas dinner was today. We had fun on our end of the table. We took some silly photos and then the phone rang. My mom wasn’t feeling well.

I left work for  a while letting my person know what was going on with my mom and that I would check as I went past my house to see if something we had ordered had arrived.

He told me to let him know if I came back to town.

I went and checked on my mom. Her blood sugar had dropped and she was feeling some better after having a little bit of food.

I stopped by my house and the package had arrived. I let my person know then I went back to work.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up after the party. I walk out of the kitchen and there he sat. I don’t know how long he had been sitting there. I had been singing as I did the dishes. Hopefully he wasn’t subjected to too much of that.

He handed me a red bag and told me it was my gift.

I told him that his was up in the car, but he had to promise not to get mad at me no matter what.

I knew he would think I had done too much but there was reason why  I bought each and everything I bought him….and I explained the reasons to him.

There was one I was really special gift that I knew would either be a grand slam or a total zero.

After he had opened his gifts, I asked if he wanted me to open mine. He said he didn’t care. If I was really mean, I would have said “Well I’ll just wait”, I couldn’t do that though.

And besides, I was dying to know what it was.

So I opened it and it was a stylus box. He said “Everybody needs a good stylus”.

I opened the box to reveal an amazing necklace that he had spent hours working on.

I had seen the necklace before and if you follow wearable electronics, you have probably seen it too. It has been features on webcast, Instructables and on blogs.

When I saw it all I could say was “Oh MY GOD!!! It is THE necklace.” Not a necklace, THE necklace.

I cried. I kinda of know the amount of time and energy he put into this project. And he was giving it to me.

Needless to say the cool, calm and collected , ran out the door. What I had given him seemed to pale by comparison

He manages to take my breath away quite often but all I could say was Thank you and THE necklace.

I then felt the need to explain that there was nothing I could make for him that he couldn’t make for himself and probably do it better. So I bought one selfish gift. It would match his eyes. One thing that he had picked out and didn’t even know he was picking it out and of course the one that had me worried.

All of which fell short of what I had received. It was an amazing gift from an amazing man.


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