Flights of Fancy…

It is always stressful during this time of year at work. In the past week we have had two big events that I have had to execute. It drained all my extra energy stores.

I had planned to go Christmas shopping for my parents yesterday. I had planned to finish some decorations for my family for Christmas and my family is conspiring to make sure they get gift certificates for Christmas.

My dad calls me while I am sleeping and says the pest control guy and I are coming by in 30 minutes. Well, that doesn’t give a girl much time to get decent and I don’t do well when I awakened abruptly.

I like to wake up slowly, send my person his good morning message, lay there a few minutes and then get up to face the day. That didn’t happen. Parts did but there was no laying around.

Then my mom calls me and tells me she has a mess and needs my help.

Upon arriving at my parents home, I see that my sister has put up a tree for them with ornaments very similar to what I wanted to do. Okay, nix that idea. ¬†And breathe….

Last night, I came home and did nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!

I read, drank hot tea, looked at my Christmas tree and read until I got sleepy enough to turn in for the night. I recharged my batteries.

This morning, I got to sleep in, send my message, wake up slowly and take a flight of fancy. I love to think of things in the Victorian era.

This morning I mused about what it would be like to attend a masquerade ball. I have a collection of mask, I decided to play with a little bit of photography while escaping. I have some lace gloves, some cheap dollar store fans and mask. So I played.

At current my finger nail color of choice is crimson.

I slid the black glove onto my hand and held the fan in different positions so that you could see the glove, the black fan with gold inlay, my onyx ring and my crimson nails.

I didn’t take the images for anyone to see. It was more avant-garde than what I usually shoot which is more nature photography. I did them with my cell phone. It was just playing but some of them turned out pretty dang good.

I looked through them after I shot them and would decide what I did like about it, what I should have done better and what was just garbage.

I thought about what it would be like to live in a time where wearing these items was the norm. I thought about what it would be like to be at a masquerade ball in a gown that accented my curves and spot my person across the dance floor as we made our way toward each other.

But alas, it was just a flight of fancy or fantasy. It was a break from the real world. It has to be pushed to the back of my mind for I must go out and face the real world. Need to knock what I can off the shopping list.

Some people would say it was a waste of time, for me, it was good for my soul.

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