And they are back….

The nightmares came back again last night. It has been a while since I had a bad one. This one woke me up screaming about 2 am.

Once I woke myself up, I looked around, I am not sure if I was looking to see if I was alone in the house or if there was some element that it was real or what, but I looked around.

I  got out of bed for a while and piddled around the house. I didn’t want to go right back to sleep, afraid I would go right back into the place I had just screamed my way out of. I have done that before. Awakened from a dream only to go right back into it.

I started to send him a message, hoping he might be awake and answer it yet hoping he would be sleeping because he needs his rest. So I never actually hit send. If he was sleeping, I didn’t want to wake him.

It is times like this that you feel very alone.

You could tell that it was a fitful sleep as the book had been reading earlier and the journal containing my own words had been moved from where I left them.

I guess the up side is that I got a couple things done that I hadn’t got done earlier and I am realizing what is bothering me in some way.

I recently attended a dream group where I learned that all our dreams (good or bad) are here to teach us about something that needs to be corrected in our waking world. So, I guess as usual, I need to work on me and those things I fear a little bit (a lot) more.


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