How??? How do you make someone see the depth of your feelings for them?

How do you tell them in any other way what you feel when you look into their eyes??

How do you tell them that your world is so much richer for them being in it??

How do you tell them that you are thankful that the universe brought you to the same place at the same time??

How do you do this when there are times you look at them and you forget to breathe? You get those butterflies in your stomach just by simply looking into their eyes?

I saw him today, I came around the corner and there he was. I knew he was stopping by to pick something up but just seeing him as I rounded the corner, I just stopped. I looked at him and finally said hey.

All ladylike and everything with a piece of mini muffin in my mouth, I stammered out a hey.

We went back to my corner of the world to get what he stopped by for and we talked a bit. He probably talked more than me. Those eyes, the first thing I ever noticed about him had once again captured me as they do so often, usually, I can function when this happens; today the babbling idiot was the person in residence.

I was talking about everything except what I wanted to say.  We have known each other long enough that we should be comfortable saying like “Your eyes are pretty amazing today”, yet I struggle with it.

So if someway, some how he manages to come across this post…. Hey, your eyes looked pretty amazing today. Wish I had said it to your face not hiding behind a screen.

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