Don’t Invade Our Bubble

There is something bugging me and I need to get it outta my system…

Today I was having lunch with my person. We had a nice lunch and I had spoken and said “Hey” to the people I knew and in a small town, I know most people.

There was a man sitting over on the other side of my restaurant and he was looking at me and threw up his hand. I spoke to him and next thing I knew, he was sitting in our booth.

The man was in an ATV accident several years ago and his filter is truly broken.

He started talking about “young bucks” and “young does”. I wasn’t really sure how to respond to what he was saying.

I wasn’t interested in what he was saying…. for two reasons.

First, I am not looking for anyone. I was sitting at lunch with the one I want. I am not looking haven’t been looking except one place for a long time. I know who I want, no need looking any further.

Second, the man who invaded our bubble is married.

You don’t monkey with another monkey’s monkey.

In Chapter one, I almost had a problem with that but I was smarter than the woman who was making moves on my monkey and handled it before it became a problem. I still have no use for that woman.

At some point he asked me if he could get a number and I was like “What???” and quickly said no. I wouldn’t have given him my number EVER.

He then asked if I had any single friends. I told him no, all my friends are married.

We finally “escaped” and my person said “I think he was asking you for a date”. I said “No he wasn’t”. He said “I didn’t say you would go, I said he asked.” I said he is married.

I am a person who takes marriage seriously. I take any relationship I am in seriously. If I want you, I am not looking anywhere else.

I was offended for many reasons.

One, he was married and apparently hitting on me, while my one and only person was sitting there with me.

Secondly, He came over uninvited and sat down at our table. The other people to whom I had said hello, said hello back and moved on.

Thirdly, don’t come on to me like that. Even if you stood a chance and he didn’t, you just blew it. Get to know me, don’t come over and ask me where you can get some action come Friday night.

I can’t let the unfortunate event mar the joy of the day. I must just let the ick roll of me and let the time I enjoyed with my person be the memory I carry from the day. That is what I will cling to, spending time with the person who makes my heart skip a beat.


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