Just A Few Moments In Time….

Have you ever just sat beside someone and thought about how much you value their existence? Not many words passing between you; you just sit there and are aware of their nearness and how much they mean to you.

They don’t even realize you are thinking about them as you sit there but they are the only thought in your mind.

You are thinking that you would have never dreamed of sitting with them, sharing your world with them. This person who as a teenage girl and you look through your cousins annual (some 30ish years ago) and you always pick him as “your pretend boyfriend”. This person who as you grew to know him, you said to yourself that there is no way he would want to spend time with you. You feel like that little teen girl who swooned over his picture in the yearbook.

Yet here we sit. He is a major part of my world. I keep nothing from him. He knows my hopes, my dreams, my weird little habits, he knows me that only few get to see. He knows my fears and he helps me address them one by one.

You sit beside him and your heart smiles simply because he is alive, because he exists. You feel that somewhere, someone bigger than you fated you to meet and to be on this journey together. This soul is sharing the journey with your soul.

You sit in silence and you hope that he is happy that you are sitting beside him as well.

You don’t ask questions. You don’t speak. Yet you hope his soul is hearing yours.

As you rest, you feel your body begin to relax from long carried stresses. You enjoy this moment and you never say that in that moment you just want to lay your head over on his shoulder just to be a bit closer to him.

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