Things didn’t go according to plan, Part II…

So sorry I have left those of you who have read this the first part of this post hanging, that what happens in situations like this.

I will pick up where I left off. My mom was transported to a hospital 75 miles away. Our dad was left in the local hospital.

We were going well over the speed limit but we needed to keep up with our mom. We both drove our own cars in case we needed to rush back home for our dad, one could go and the other could stay with our mom.

We got to the hospital. My mom’s younger sister was one her way. We didn’t want to tell her what had happened since they had lost a sister in a similar fashion 2 years ago. She said she would have her person drive her down there. She does drive in bigger towns.

As we sat in the waiting area for the Emergency Department. We had no clue what was going on with our mother. All we could do was wait.

When they finally let us back, my mother was drowsy. She had had a rough night. We were scared. We were impatient. We were trying to wait patiently to get my mother into an ICU room.

They had told us that they would get us to ICU as soon as the room was cleaned. After a few hours, a nurse came by and we asked why they hadn’t started taking her for the test that the ED doc had ordered. He wanted an EKG, EEG, Ultra Sound, CT Scan, CT Scan with contrast. We had been there for hours. Our only bright spot was when some chick kick the tail of the male nurse who had smarted off at us earlier.

At around hour 11 in the ED, my sister ran into the right person walking up the hall. She was the ED nursing manager. My sister told her how long we had been waiting for a room to be cleaned and if she would show her where the room was we could clean it ourselves, we weren’t afraid of clorox and a little hard work.

We were running on zero sleep, zero food, we were scared to death and felt like we were sheep in the herd.

Needless to say, we got into ICU pretty quickly.

All the while my sick dad was calling wanting to know why something wasn’t being done. We didn’t have any answers. Our only relief was why our aunt showed up and said Oh no, this is nothing like our sister.

Ironically enough, my mom wound up in the same ICU room as her sister.

I had spent time in this very same room twice before. When my aunt said that it was the same room as her other sister, my response was “It is just a room”. Maybe we had to wind up in this room for me to be able to say that to her because….it had been said to me.

So we get settled in time for the team of doctors to make their first visit. They told us there was a stroke and a small brain bleed.

Imagine being my dad and hearing that news and you can’t be there.

To make a two week long story short, my mom stays in the hospital for a few days and is released. My dad was released the day before.

Last Sunday, she had another seizure. She hadn’t been feeling well the night before and my dad called and asked me if I would come up and see if I could help get her to the hospital.

As I sat there trying to decide if we could get her into the car, I saw her hand flinch. I softly told them that I didn’t think she was strong enough to get to the car. I called 911 again. Just as the EMS guys put her on the gurney, she seized again.

This time it was full blown. It only lasted 54 seconds and they talked me through it. Let me tell you though, that was a long 54 seconds. The EMS guys were calling it as it went along, “30 seconds, 45 seconds, okay she is starting to snore, she is coming out of it.” She has no damage from the stroke, hemorrhage or the seizures. She has been blessed.

My dad then had to have a procedure that was personal in nature. It also required a repeat visit due to a complication.

I jokingly told them last night that I was sorry for the burst eardrums, broken arms and almost cutting my nose off on the coffee table as a child, that they could let up on me now. My mom laughed.

Through it all, my person was there to remind me to take care of myself. He may not have been there physically but he was with me every step of the way. For him I am truly thankful.

I got to see him one evening during all this and I had forewarned him that I would be giving him a big hug when I saw him. I did. You know, that was the best place I had been in days. In his arms, I felt safe. Safe is amazing.

I like the feel of his arms around me.

My best friend asked me what I needed her to do. She would do whatever I needed. She has more on her plate than she can say grace over now and she wanted to help me. She amazes me with her strength and grace with the difficult circumstances with her grandmother needing constant care, her mother not well and managing a business. I have a whole new respect for what she deals with on a regular basis.

Everyone is home now. My sister and I are living out of suitcases, bouncing from our own homes to our parents home.

Until this happened, I hadn’t spent the night under their roof in 23 years. It was kind of weird. It isn’t “home” like it used to be. I don’t answer their phone. It’s not mine to answer. I watch what they want to watch on TV. I write in my journal and talk to my person on social media on my cell using data because they don’t have internet. It is just different.

Things are working out as they should. I need to remember the deer I saw floating in a river who just rode it out until it got to where it could put it’s feet down again and walk out of the torrid. These people who are proud mountain folk have had to lean on others for help. Their pride took a hit. It is nothing they haven’t done for me and as long as they need me, I am there. They are my folks.


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