Nature is Therapy and Art…

Today, I had to go help my folks with a few things. My dad is getting antsy sitting in the house. We are very similar in that fashion. We are both outdoor people. I can’t say I was in Chapter 1. Actually, I was pretty lazy.

I admit that I could and should have been more active when I was younger. Totally admit that. If I had been, things might have been very different for me now.

Luckily, I have found that I am a nature girl. I love the simple things in life. I want to spend time with those who matter most to me, I want to explore, I want to roam free through the mountain where I was raised.

As I write this post, I am sitting on my porch swing. I have a much more comfortable chair in my house but I can’t see the cows in the field across the road if I am inside.

It is comfortable weather and I can be outside in a t-shirt and capris. I know that the cold winds of winter will soon blow through and I will have to be inside more. So… I enjoy being outdoors when I can.

As I walked through the mountain today, I was inspired at the beauty and the art of nature.

I looked at the lines of the trees now that all the leaves have fallen off. I noticed the the way the trees had fallen gave testimony to way the wind in the storm came in. All the trees were blown over the same direction. I thought about how strong that storm had to be to lay down several small trees that could not withstand its force.

There were mosses everywhere. There were so many shades of green I was allowed to see. From chartreuse to sea foam to forest green. I was seeing lines and colors.

There was an old gnarly stump that really caught my attention. For a moment, I could see myself in full steam punk regalia complete with top hat, corset and parasol. Okay, maybe she was a thinner, ummmm more alluring  version of me, it was however me and I saw that. Being the Steam Punk fan that I am, I allowed the fantasy I was seeing, play out in my head, and for just a bit, I wasn’t in the woods alone. For a moment I allowed myself to become lost in the fantasy.

After the last couple of stressful weeks, it was nice to let my mind just wander and even writing about it, I smile.  It was just my minds way of giving me a little vacation from the tasks at hand in order to save my sanity.

Most people would have just seen a stump, I saw more. I love to the potential in ordinary things.

I was just to take a small walk into the woods and before I knew it, I had been gone for an hour.

It was a nice walk, it was a nice break from putting no slip treading on my parents ramp and installing shower and toilet bars. I just needed an escape. A simple walk in the woods provided that.

There was only one thing that would have made it perfect.


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