Things didn’t really go according to plan…Part 1….

So the last time I wrote, I was slightly under the weather and spent the day in bed. My mom’s surgery was coming up that Wednesday.

The surgery was done and according to the surgeon, it was text book. The blockage came out easily and she would be good to go the next day. He also told us that she came out fighting. Apparently the anesthesia had been a little bit mean to her.

She was supposed to be in recovery about 30 minutes and we could see her. We sat there an hour and I finally decided to go and ask. The volunteer called into the recovery room and I talked with a nurse who said one of us could come back for only a few minutes. I was nominated to go. I can read the monitors and my dad and sister can’t.

Everything looked good. She was awake and she talked to me, everything was good.

When they moved her up to her room, we had to wait in the CICU (cardiac intensive care unit) waiting room. We sat there and waited. This time my sister went to check. The nurse told her that our moms blood pressure was high. I asked how high. My sister said she just said it was high.

Finally, the nurse came in and told us that for some reason her blood pressure had shot up to 220/110. They wanted it to come down and wanted her to have no stimulation until it was down.

They had to give her large amounts of medicine to get it down and then it bottomed out.

Once it leveled out it was fine.

While this was all going on, we could tell that our dad was getting very sick. He sent me to the pharmacy to get him something to help with what he thought was a kidney infection.

That night, I stayed in the room with my mom and my sister and my dad stayed in the waiting room.

Thursday, our dad is so sick he can’t stand up straight. Literally. His is coughing his brains out and you can tell he is struggling to breathe. He is also humped over a chair in physical pain. He told me to go get us some breakfast. I asked him if he wanted to go with me. He said he didn’t think he could walk to the car.

My dad is a rough and tumble kind of guy. He doesn’t say things like that. While I am gone to get breakfast my sister is on the phone with his doctor getting him a doctors appointment that afternoon.

He has to see a doctor. We get released from the hospital and my mom is doing fine. Her strength is good. Her appetite is good. It is amazing how well she is doing.

My dad says he is going to his doctors appointment but we know our dad and he is pretty stubborn. So my sister gives him time to get there and she goes to see if he actually went. He had. His doctor wanted to hospitalize him immediately. He told his doctor that he needed to be home.

An hour after he got home, his doctor called and told him he needed to be hospitalized immediately. His white cell count was over 36,000 and he had pneumonia.So being who he is, he drove himself to the hospital.

I told my sister that I would stay with our mother, she should go with our dad.

On Friday, she came and stayed with our mom and I went and sat with our dad.  We were going to divide and conquer.

On Friday night, she was going to stay with our dad again and I was going to stay with our mom. We were just getting ready to settle down for the night and my mom said she was sick at her stomach. She was looking for dill pickle juice to drink. It would settle her stomach. She had been complaining about her right eye and head hurting.

I helped her get the pickle juice and she pick up some napkins and a small trash can. She had just sat down in her chair and she dropped the trash can. Suddenly, her had started to draw and her elbow constricted like she was trying to make a muscle. I asked if she was okay and she said it was just a really bad cramp.

She asked me to go get her a wash cloth. I ran into the bathroom to get what she had asked for, when I came back into the room, she was convulsing all over. My mom was having a seizure. Talk about feeling helpless, in that moment there was nothing I could do.

She kept telling me not to worry it was just a cramp and I had to tell her that it was a seizure. She talked to me the whole time. I told her I was going to call 911. She told me no, to call an EMT who lived close by.

I called her and she came over. Just as she arrived it happened again. She told me to call 911.

When I called, my best friends daughter was the dispatcher on duty. I told her who I was and that I needed an ambulance at my moms address. The EMT then got on the phone and gave her the details of what she had seen.

We listened on the scanner as our call was dispatched out. This is the second time I had been in this same position. Waiting for someone to come and help someone that you love because your hands are tied. There is nothing you can do.

I make the call to my sister that we are headed back to the hospital with my mom and I get her purse, my suitcase and whatever else I think we will need and put it in the car. I can’t do anything for her so I just get prepared for whatever is coming our way. I go and move my car so the ambulance can get into the yard. The ramp they had built so that my late husband could get into their house would now be used to roll my mom down for her first ambulance ride in 74 years of living.

When the arrive, I rush out into the yard with a flash light directing them where they should go. I meet them in the field beside my parents house and I tell them to turn around there and back in.

Then I stepped out of their way, filling in the blanks on what had happened. As they are rolling my mom out she said she was sorry that she scared me and for me to be careful on the way to the hospital.

During the whole event, she was worried about me.

When we arrived at our local hospital, they took her in and we went to sit in another waiting room. We weren’t sure if we should tell our dad. We decided to wait until we knew what was going on to tell him. He was sick himself and we could see him ripping IVs out and marching up through the hospital to get to our mom.

Once we were able to see her, the doctor told us that she had told him that she had a really bad headache and he did a CT scan, just as a precaution. He found a brain bleed.

He wanted to transport her to a bigger hospital 75 miles away.

Now, we had to tell our dad. My sister went to talk to him first. I don’t know what was said between them, nor do I want to.

I then went and talked to him. I haven’t seen my dad cry many times in my life. I did that night. He said There were too many roadblocks in the way. She shouldn’t have had the surgery. I told him that they said it was a small bleed and we didn’t know the surgery had done it. He looked at me and he said you all go with your Mama. You know the medical stuff and you can understand what they are saying to you.

I told him I would take the best care of her I could. I told him I loved him and I would call him when we got there. He told me to be careful.

I then walked back to the ER and asked the doctor if he would go to my dads room and explain to him what was going on.

As we loaded her into an ambulance for the second time, I wasn’t prepared for what came next…..

To be continued….


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