Last Minute Change…

This morning I get a phone call… “I need your help”. It was my mom. She had run into a problem. She was scheduled for surgery tomorrow but the diabetic ulcer on the bottom of her foot had started draining again.

I told her to call her podiatrist and see if he could see her today. If he could, I would take her  there so she could have that treated. Everything was fine yesterday when she went for her pre-op. So while she is making the call, I am getting dressed.

She calls back and tells me that he can see her but we have to be there in an hour. So with wings on and lead in my feet, I take off to pick her up and get her to the doctor.

I know what is going to happen. I have been here more than a few times.

He worked on her foot and said that there was some germ living there and we should call the vascular doctor who is doing her surgery and see what he wanted to do.

Once again, I knew the answer before the question was asked. The surgery would have to be postponed. I was right. It will be put off for two weeks, give or take.

Well, I don’t know who was more disheartened, me or my mom. We both have to set our mind to something and once we are set, we want to see it through.

She finally told me on the drive home that she was disappointed. She wants it to be over. She just does. I want it to be over for her, but I am also careful what I wish for.

I don’t know why the time is not right for her surgery, it just isn’t.

I had to be reminded to breathe and the things like this happen.

So, I have spent a good deal of time with her today.

Things have been moved around and some things are going to have to be marked off the to do list. Some people will not be happy but I have committed to a project with the local theatre group that I will not be able to fulfill.

I have to set priorities. This is not at the top of the list. My mom is right up there.

I had taken the week off. I am going to remain off. I need time to breathe and do somethings for me. Tomorrow I am going to go get my hair colored, something I haven’t had time to do since May. It is going to be a change and some may be shocked. I am okay with that. I have set my mind to do it and do it I shall!!!

I know that everything happens in it’s own time. I just need to ride the wave of change and know there is some reason for it.


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