Music as a Means of Escape

It has been a stressful week. I have tried to maintain a calm, cool exterior yet my insides have felt like jello.

So the other day, I was looking for an artist on YouTube and a song came up with his name in the title.

I clicked on the song and well, I was transported from where I was to a totally different place for four whole minutes.

Now, four minutes may not seem like a lot but when you were seeing what I was seeing, it was a pretty blissful four minutes.

When I hear music, it is the same as when I read a book. At some point, words become images. Well, this song provoked some very interesting images. Were the appropriate?? Well…….

Yet, as I think about it, that was a very good four minutes. It took me away from reality and allowed me to reside in that fantasy world that lives between my ears. It was a welcome break. That is the power of music… to transport you to that place where you not only hear the music, you also feel it.


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