My Shower Time…

I know this is going to be an odd post, I am sure to this fact. Some of you might get it, some of you won’t and that is okay.

My shower time is becoming more valuable to me as I get more overwhelmed in life.  I check off the things I must do today. I make plans to fulfill my final obligations to some community groups I am parting ways with. This will involve many text and emails over the next few days. I have to take care of some things next week because the week after, I will be unavailable.

I let the water run over me washing away the troubling dream I had the night before. Some things come back and visit at the wrong time. This time was a night time flash back to brain tumors (my late husbands) and it wasn’t pleasant. It was a dream. It is in the past, but it still rises up from time to time.  Some hurts last a lifetime.

I think about perspective. How that right at the moment, it looks like I have a mountain of laundry. There are may be 2 loads in my small hamper but because of it’s size, it looks bigger than it is. It is all about perception.

As I wash my hair, I daydream a little bit. I think about that one thing and person I want most. I give myself that small break from the mundane to feed my soul. To allow myself a break from the harshness of life and just to let my mind roam free for a couple of minutes.

As I turn off the water and step out of the tub, I wrap the towel around me and know that it is now time for the next however many hours to put on the public face. I will lay all the cares I carry to the side and I will go about my day seemingly carefree because only those closest to me know what is going on in my world.


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