The Key To Her Heart…

She wears the key to her heart tied around her neck with a satin ribbon
For you see, she did not give that freely. She have give her heart away only twice in her life.
The first had returned it upon leaving and she was waiting for the second to pick up that key;
to take her in his arms and softly say, “This is mine. You are mine. Don’t be afraid anymore”


She wears her dreams on her wrist so she could remind herself of what she wanted.
She must remember why she grips those dreams with a tenacity  so fierce that it was physically painful at times.

She dreams with the one who holds the key to her heart in the second part of her life.

She knows that together, they are unstoppable.

As she thinks of him, a single tear rolls down her cheek.  A tear of sadness? Oh no, this is a tear of love, of hope, of joy….those are the best kind of tears.


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