Totally Worth Getting Up This Morning…

It is 2 hours into my work day.

To say I didn’t feel well yesterday, an understatement. The kidney stone was moving again. I finally broke down and took some pain medication last night and I was still begging for mercy when I rolled over to my left side.

I didn’t want to come to work today but it had to be done.

I have been in a full run all day. It has been busy for a Saturday. A couple of interesting things have happened to remind me why I got up and came in.

There is a group of girl scouts meeting today, they just so happen to be working on writing and the subject of journaling. I, of course, have to chime in about what journaling has meant to me. This week, I would have been lost without it.

I would be willing to do a workshop for them if they asked.

Then a lady who has one developmental disabilities came in and she asked me my name and I told her. She said Oh you were ____________’s wife. I said Yes, that is me. She said I just love you.

It has been interesting. It was totally worth getting out of bed.


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