A Three Outfit Kind of Day…

I have told you before in this blog that I am a busy woman.

I was carrying the massive amounts of bags that I had left home with this morning into my silent house when I got to thinking about the day.

It was one of those day that I was bombarded with things to do.

Go see three groups of children, make appointments to see three more. Take phone calls making two more appointments.

Doing all the things on the to do list.

Outfit one!!!

After the work day ended, there was Zumba. Which I love to do, I am seeing a difference in my body from doing this dance exercise. It is important that I get in my workout. It helps me to relax and unwind. We are at the level where you have to concentrate on what you are doing or you will totally get lost so everything else has to be put on the shelf for a while.

Outfit two!!!

I change from my Zumba clothes into my church clothes. I have a few minutes to spare so I go and look at the photo exhibit at the local community college. Looking at the story that was being told with no words.

Then I went to church.

Outfit three!!!

Now 12 hours from the time I left the house, I am sitting, once again in silence, eating a chicken sandwich that I picked up in a drive thru on my way home. And…writing this post. There is only one person I want to hear from.

After I finish, I will work on a couple of projects and send some messages for delivery of finished items and  start a load of laundry.

There is always a lot of laundry when you have those three outfit kind of days.


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