The Call of the Kidney Stone…

Having kidney stones on a regular basis is no fun.

I am into day 2 of most recent attack. It started mid day on Monday. It was right after lunch. That was the last meal I ate until lunch on Tuesday. I get sick at my stomach when an actual attack is happening. There are pains that I wouldn’t consider an attack but it is sorta kinda not really…I don’ t know.

I know what to do. I have meds to help with the nausea and the pain…both of which knock me out. I have bills to pay, obligations to keep, little people depending on me.

Yesterday, I hid it pretty well from the outside world. The frequent trips to the restroom because of the amount of water I was consuming might have been a hint, should anyone have cared to notice.

Today, the pain and bag under my eyes are a little harder to hide. Not sleeping well two nights in a row, begins to take a toll on you.

During these times, I know what to do and I do it. Stress affects the kidneys more than people think so when the stress level is up the attacks are worse.

Not getting enough water….that is a major down fall. I notice that when I keep track of how much is going in and how much is coming out, I am way below what I am supposed to be.

I keep quite and to myself when this is going on. Not even sure if I told anyone this was happening. One of the people in the circle who I see every day knew right off the bat that something was wrong. So now he knows. Other wise it has been business as usual.

It is during the night hours that you are laying there and the pain hits and you have no one to help you through it. You realize just how alone you are in that moment. You wonder if it will ever pass or if it will kill you.

People have said that having a baby is less painful than a kidney stone. Well, I have never had a baby but I can tell you it is the worst pain I have ever had.

Hopefully, this too shall pass…..pun intended!!!


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