A Risk You Take…

As a photographer, you must be careful. When you are a guarded photographer, you must be even more so.

You don’t let many people in. You don’t want the whole world to see what is going on inside you. You are just supposed to observe the world and not feel.

That is not true with me. When I am happy, my images are happy. When I am sad, that too is apparent.

I struggle to keep balance with things.

Work life, personal life, creative life. They all have lives of their own.

Tonight I had to cancel a program at work. It opened up time for me to do something I needed to do tonight. So, I did it. I rescheduled it tomorrow night and then got the don’t let that interfere with this speech from my mother.

I readily assured her that this would not interfere with that even if I showed up sweaty and dirty, I would be there.

This along with something else took the wind out of my sails and then I chose to edit photos. BAD IDEA!!

But having finished that for the night, I must complete other tasks.

I must keep hands and mind busy to quite my soul.

You can’t let anyone see what you feel.

It is a risk you take.


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