A Walk Around the Pond…

A group of us were visiting a  local art studio yesterday and there was a pond on the property.

I had been invited to photograph the area before, I just had never carved out the time to do so. Now I know why.

It was foggy. A lot of people don’t like fog and when we left last night, I honestly wasn’t too fond of it. While I was taking photos of it, I was happy as a lark. Some who shall remain nameless, thought it was fun to watch me do that thing I do when I see a place for the first time. I try to take everything in for there will never be a first time again.

I got some good images. There was one that I thought would appeal to no one but me.

I showed it to the owner of the property and my person. They both liked it, they both however are artists.

It was just a photo of a tree beside the pond. In the distance through the fog, you could see an old barn.

It was nothing spectacular but I liked it.

I posted it to my photography page and the response was exceptional.

It had spoken to me, what I didn’t realize was how much it would affect others in the same way.

That is what we do though, isn’t it?? Evoke emotion in other people. Make them see something special in something ordinary. Isn’t that why we put all the time and effort into our chosen craft, whatever that may be.


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