It Was So Enchanting…

There we sat, just the two of us. We were amongst a crowd yet, we were all alone. We had been on a supply buying trip. We decided to go to the next town to get something to eat.

As I pulled in, I asked if the location was good with him. He said yes. For some reason, as we exited the car I looked at him and said this will be an adventure. We strolled down the street window shopping before we go to get something to eat. We talked about many things on that stroll.

As we were sitting on a patio at a restaurant, there was a singer sitting at one end of the patio and he was playing different types of songs among them “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John.

The evening temperature was perfect.

There we sat. Having a conversation and sharing food. We order an apple pecan pizza and tuna tartar tacos.  As we waited for our food, talked and listened to the music, my soul was at peace.

I had never eaten the foods we had ordered. I decided to try the tacos first. Never having had wasabi, let’s just say, I was surprised at how spicy it was. It provided him a chuckle to see my reaction. He went for a slice of the pizza first. I enjoyed his reaction to this dish.

We are both foodies but my style is of course being a country girl is country cooking. Him, living in different locations, has more chances to sample different foods.

I finally told him that this was nice. The space we were in, the music, the company and the food. It was just nice.

I felt at peace, content, and beautiful. I know there were other people near us but some how they vanished as I sat there looking at this man who makes my heart skip beats. We were sharing this experience in this time and in this place, together.

Suddenly, as we were sitting there, a soft rain shower popped up out of nowhere and disappeared as quickly as it came. It was the perfect end to a lovely evening.

When we left, we came back to our small town. On the drive home, I told him that it was an enchanting evening. I don’t use that term often ( I’m not sure I have ever used it, in reference to my life) but that is the only way to describe it. It was just the two of us, trying something new, making plans, listening to music. I was absolutely enchanted.

When we got home I hugged him and thanked him again. Repeating how enchanting the evening was. He told me that he hoped I had many more. I didn’t say it to him because I was about to cry (yes, I am crying as I write this post) I wanted to tell him that I hope I do also and I hope he is there with me to discover new things, places and food, but I couldn’t to his face without bursting into tears.

Not only do I savor my food more when I am with him, I savor life more. I can’t wait for our next adventure.


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