I Am Just A Woman

I am perfectly imperfect. I am a mere mortal. I am just a woman.

I don’t have an amazing figure, although I am smaller than I have been in years. I for the first time in many years see myself as sexy. I am at the present moment and for the past few days perfectly comfortable in my skin. That will change, I assure you, that will change.

I am not a mother, I am not a wife. I am a sister, aunt, great aunt, friend, photographer and maker.

I am so much more than your eyes see. I struggle, I trip, I stumble and I fall. I just try to make it part of the dance of life I am doing.

I am learning as I go. I am trying to be a better me,

I am an emotional train wreck at times. I do feel all those thing that you feel. Love, joy, happiness, sadness, pain, pleasure, sensuality.

I am a woman who longs, dreams wishes and desires. A woman who laughs too loud and cries too softly.

I am a woman who is trying to make friends with those dreams and court them into becoming reality.

I am a woman who transforms on a daily basis. I learn something new each and every day.

I am not anyone you will see in a fashion magazine. I am not someone you would notice on the street. I am just me. I am just a woman.


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