A Little Time For Play Is Good For Your Soul…

I took some time yesterday and spent it with my girls.

They all three are growing up while I am not looking. They are cheerleaders, singers, soccer players, cloggers, and then there is the random one. She can’t say her ABC’s but she knows how to use my camera and how to find her favorite video on her mom’s Iphone.

She amazes me. They all do. Yesterday was the random ones birthday. My intent was to stop by and drop off her gift and spend a little bit of time with her.

The cheerleader, the oldest one, was in her uniform. Where there is a photographer in the family, the will be photos taken and a whole lot of posing going on when the subject is a 6th grade girl.

The little one just roamed through the yard, impatiently waiting for her birthday present. I was dragging that part out on purpose.

So we took way too many photos. Then it was present time. By then, the middle one had gotten home from clogging practice. My sister came in with  dresses for all of them and a skirt and blouse she was passing on to me.

We had a fashion show. One would leave the room and come back sporting a different outfit. Then the next would follow and I even joined in on the fun. The little one, three different outfits.

Well more photos were taken. I got shots of all of them in their new outfits. When I tried mine on, they wanted to take photos of me. I couldn’t hardly tell them no. They live with a camera in their face.

It was funny, I can look at the photos and tell who was taking which ones. The oldest young lady, she just did the stand there and I’ll get the whole out fit.

The middle one. The fashionista she wanted to direct me and pose me. She poses more easily than the others. Chin up, lean in, hand on your hip and smile. This is the one who wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. I think she  might be on to something.

Those were some pretty good photos. They saw me better than I see myself. They caught me with my guard down. I don’ t  like having my photo taken. It is a insecurity issue but I was having fun with these girls and it showed.

The little one, she is an electronics wiz. She got the camera and looked at every adult in the room and said “I know what to do and I look through the eye piece.”

We all just smile and nod, not 30 minutes earlier, she had been reading her birthday card upside down.

I had to sit in the floor for her to take photos. Different angel from the other girls. Who can now wear my shoes.

As we were looking back through the photos my oldest great niece said…”You have cleavage”.

Well yeah!!!

When did they grow up so fast. We used to pretend to be princesses and now we are going to middle school dances, cheerleading and talking about cleavage?

They have grown up in a blink.

I felt better, although somewhat older when I left. I was also reminded of a quote that I had read recently:

“The body heals with play, the mind heals and laughter and the spirit heals with joy.”

Yesterday in a few short hours, this was proven true.


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