I’m The Last One to Admit I Am Sick…

I don’t get sick often. I feel pretty good most of the time. So when I woke up yesterday and felt bad, I was kind of surprised.

I knew I was tired the evening before. I had been on a road trip for work and just chalked it up to that.

I hadn’t been sleeping well lately. I have too many things bouncing around in my head. I get some really good ideas in the middle of the night. My writing is more honest when my guard is down from lack of sleep.

I write more in depth about my desires when I am writing in the middle of the night.

The problem with being awake and asleep off and on for days on end…. I have a day job and a weekend job. When sleep deprived things tend to pile up on me.

So yesterday, I called in. I am having some allergy/cold thing going on. I camped out on my couch most of the day. I napped a couple of times. I tried to hydrate and eat real food. I know what to do once I finally decide that I am sick.

I worked on a few projects, just because I am down doesn’t mean my mind stops working. If anything it works more.

I am the last one to admit I am sick. My couch missed me so we spent a little time hanging out. No one knew I was home yesterday except the folks at work and my best friend.

At least that is what I thought. My mom calls me this morning and asked me why I didn’t work yesterday. Oh yeah, I live in a small town and word gets around pretty quick. So, I told her I was taking another day today. Don’t wanna make the mistake of not telling her again.

So I will admit, I am sick. I will get me a bite to eat and I will crawl back into my blanket fort.


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