Trying to find my niche….

I love making, crafts and art.  I love photography. I love writing. I love music.

I love making something that comes from within me and speaks to someone else. I want to speak to their soul and to make an impact on their lives in a positive way.

I don’t know that I always succeed. I do try.

I try to build people up, I like being around people who try to build others up, yet I have in my life allowed people to beat me down and I honestly don’t want to be like them.

I am lucky enough that I have that person in my life who can make me smile and remind me that my goals are attainable if I put in the work. They make me realize that things like titles are just trappings of modern society. I am so blessed that he is there to remind me of this from time to time when I allow life to weigh me down.

I am going through something like that now at work. I am being diminished by a co-worker who wants to be noticed. I don’t need that kind of negativity and I have gotten to the place where I listen to them scatter about catch phrases, using them completely out of context and just thinking you’re an idiot and move on.

I don’t want to be the top banana but I do want to be acknowledged for what I do. I threw the idea of them appreciating it out the window a long time ago.

I  want to be able to sit and write beautiful words, make lovely meaningful items for others and go hiking to some far off place and photograph things that others overlook sometimes.

It would be great if I could do what I love and make enough to live at the same time.

Maybe someday, I can find my niche.


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