And We Took A Stroll Part 2…

Just in case you missed part 1,

As we went into the next room, there sat a loom. It was large, she explained that this used to be the loom porch. It had been enclosed but once a massive loom sat there. I could see images from the past of women sitting about the loom and doing needle work. Teaching the younger women these skills that were prominent in that day. Children might have been sitting on the floor playing. Where the house is located, it would have been muggy in the summer and probably, not a great deal of sun hit in the winter. The thoughts of arranging a time when it was comfortable and there weren’t other things to be done must have been a daunting task. I wondered what type of items were made on the loom. How hard it would have been to run it without the modern conveniences we have today.

There was a book case in this room with books still on it. I really wanted to go and sniff the books. Don’t judge me for being a book sniffer, there is just something about the smell of old musty books.

I never touched anything in the room. I never really touched anything in the house. I wasn’t there to touch, I was there to see, hear and observe. I was there to tell the story of a house, a home, where generations of children had grown and prospered. They had to have been a prosperous family. The house back in it’s time was almost a mansion in an area where cabins with dirt floors were common place at the time. Also, the young women attended college which was a luxury in those days.  You could tell they were people of means.

This home too had started out as a cabin. Part of the house I was walking in was a cabin built in 1836. That is almost 300 years ago.

The last room we went into was the one with the bay window. It was the dining room.  Oh my word, I was in love with this room. It’s shape, the parlor organ over in the corner, the hand work hanging on the wall. Once again another table set as if waiting for the owners to come home or maybe they were still there in spirit

As we walked through the hall and past the wooden staircase leading to the upstairs, which was off limits due to it’s bad condition, I stopped and looked at the elegant staircase and wondered about the young women, I didn’t know personally. I did know one of them as an older, elegant lady.

As we walked out onto the porch, it was a beautiful large porch with wicker furniture sitting on it now. I could see white wooden Adirondack chairs sitting there with a white porch swing on the end of the porch and people dressed in all white, I am not sure they were all in white, but in my mind they are. The ladies are sitting there fanning because there was no air conditioning. I looked up at the second story porch and could see the young ladies possibly standing there waiting and watching for their young suitors to arrive.

Stepping into the front yard, I noticed that the boxwood bushes had grown up until the porch was no longer visible on this side of the bushes but she was still lovely. She has been burgled, she had broken windows but she was still lovely, standing there providing me a view of a by gone era. Allowing me to take a flight of fancy wondering what it was like to live in her walls and allowing me to see an elderly, frail, former second grade teacher to take a stroll back in time.

I have decided that this house is not abandoned. It is still loved and appreciated, it’s just that no one with a physical body lives within her walls anymore.


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