The Keys….

You are given two keys. They are magic keys. They will open the doors in the room your are in. The room is pitch dark and as you step in front of the door, you can see what is behind it. You can’t see anything else. None of the other doors. You can’t tell if you are alone in the pitch black darkness engulfing the room.

You know that there is a door directly in front of you. You don’t know how many other doors are in this place. You don’t know if there are any other doors in the room. You assume there are at least two. You do have two keys after all.

There could be one door, two doors, fifty doors. You don’t know how big the room is. You don’t know anything except what is right in front of your eyes.

Once you step away from the door, there is no going back to that door. You have to make your decision right then and there.

You want to make the right decision. You may want love, money, happiness, peace, sex, security, respect, honor or  admiration. You can only choose two doors. These desires lie beyond the door and you can only choose two.

You don’t know what the next door holds. You can’t see anything. Nothing!!

You begin to sweat as you step up to the first door. Your palms are moist. You lick your lips as you read the word “Job”. Behind this door is that dream job you have longed for all your life. Do you choose that? What if love is behind the fifth door and you have used both your for respect and money.

What if you want money but your  used both your keys for love and happiness??

What if you can’t decide and suddenly there are no more doors left and you have used both your keys?

What if suddenly, there is a time limit set and if you are unable to decide in your  allotted time, you get nothing because you didn’t make a decision.

Isn’t that very much like life? We can’t see what is in front of us. We can only see right where we are. Too much of the time, we let chances slip away waiting for the “it”.

We do have a clock set. It is called life. It is ticking away a second at a time. Each heartbeat is another tick of the clock, every blink of the eye, every breath you take is one less you have.

You hold the keys. You make the choices. You may not get the chance for a do over. You might not have the chance to move to the next door.

You are not limited to two keys, but you do have limited time. What are you going to do with your keys???


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