Patience, patience


It is a Sunday afternoon.  I am sitting in my easy chair, drinking a cup of Sumatran blend coffee. The house is still except for the hum of the air conditioner and the occasional drip from the faucet.

I think back to other Sundays and I sigh.

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had written a post. A great deal has been going on. Some good. some bad, some just downright insane.

I sit in my living room and think how wild just the emotional roller coaster is that I have ridden the past week.

An auction selling off my aunt and uncles belongings and me going to battle to secure what should have been mine to begin with. Family sickness and trips to the hospital and the doctor, new babies being born, an almost knock down drag out in a meeting.

It has been an interesting week.

The new baby portion of the week is what has made me happy. It is my nephews son. He came in pretty rough. He was born cold and he didn’t want to breathe. He is 4 days old and I still haven’t gotten to hold him. I have never been in this place before. I was there the day the others came and could hold them day one. This one, I was supposed to get to hold yesterday but it didn’t happen. I haven’t called back since and I am not like my sister who bounds through the door and says “Give me that baby”. She is the grandmother and I am this great aunt thing sitting over to the side not sure where exactly I fit in here. I know where I fit in with my niece and her family but my relation with my nephew and his wife is different. She values her privacy and I totally understand that. I won’t barge in where I feel like I am not welcome. It’s that simple.

So, I wait. I will wait for the grandparents to get over the newness of him, I will wait until I am invited, I will wait. My parting words to my nephew yesterday were “I’d like to hold him before he walks”.

So I am making myself sit here on a Sunday when I want to run. I want to go and I want to do and I sit. There are things to be done around here. I will get to those in a while but for now. I will sit and I will be patient.


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