The Auction

My neighbor had an auction today. I could see the farm trucks parked in the field across from my house and hear the sing song sale process as I worked in my flower bed.

His wife was taken out by the same terrible disease my late husband had, it was just in a different part of her body and it took her longer to transition.

They being farmers by trade probably had just enough insurance. Cancer is a costly foe. It robs you financially, mentally, physically and emotionally.

They had worked the farm side by side for as long as I could remember and as soon as their sons could walk, they were working the land also.

This same neighbor is the man who cleans the community driveways when the snow comes.  He had called me a few times and wanted to talk. This was when the lonely hit real good.

I have to wonder how he feels this day. It is an ending to a chapter in his life. Another ending.

Some of the town busy bodies decided to quiz me about why he is selling out.

My response was as honest as it gets. I don’t know. We have an understanding in my neighborhood. I don’t bother them and they don’t bother me. We are there in times of need but that is it.

She then said Well, I heard he had him a girlfriend. I said I hope he does. He did what he said he would do in his marriage vows. He is free to find someone to love.

I say this because I did. I have been in his shoes. If life gives you a second chance to love, do it. Throw fear to the curb and love the best way you can.

As I listened and watched, I would hear the auctioneer call “SOLD”!! And in a few minutes, some of the local farmers would come driving by or blowing the horn with their new purchased used piece of equipment. Others would follow because whatever they wanted had sold.

It is an ending. It is also a beginning. It is change and life like a river is forever flowing and changing.


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