An Afternoon with Miss Jackie

Yesterday, I wanted to just relax a little bit. I went to the national park that I like to visit.

An acquaintance of mine works at one of the exhibits there. She spins and weaves baskets.

I had seen her last week and she told me to come up and visit her one Saturday or Sunday.

Yesterday, not having any plans and finding myself needing to do something on Sunday to keep my brain busy because of recent changes in my life. My Sunday schedule has changed and I’m still trying to figure out how to fill the time.

So, yesterday, I decided to go for a ride and take some photos. Well, Miss Jackie was still there. I stopped in. When I left, 2 hours had passed. Phone calls had been missed. I was okay with that.

I had enjoyed a conversation with a couple of people who were very entertaining and enlightening. I had sat there with a lady who had talents that I didn’t have and a retired chemistry professor.

We talked about the way things used to be. We talked about his talent for carving. He showed me a walking stick that he had carved out of walnut and told me the story of how he got the wood to make it for a case of beer.

It was just an afternoon of swapping stories. Stories of our childhoods, stories about their children, stories about life.

At one point I took out my camera and started taking photos of them. Afterward, she told me that she didn’t even realize that I was taking photos. I said Good, that means I was doing it right.

As she was getting ready to close the exhibit, the man asked her to dinner. She said I really need to go home and enter stats. I looked at her and said. “That man just asked you to dinner, go with him, he just wants to spend time with you. Those stats can be done when you get home. ” She went. It made me happy that they would not be alone.

Afterward, I went and strolled through fields of wild flowers, watching butterflies. Taking a few shots here and there.

Before I knew it, I had whiled away my open Sunday. I also got to hear some great stories that brought me back to a simpler time.


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