Mama Knows..

Yesterday was the 4th of July. That all American holiday. Had to work at my part time job,

All day, I had been thinking about by gone Independence Days. Back to the time where the plan was to catch two parades and a movie before watching the fireworks. That however was a lifetime ago.

I thought I would do something different this year.

I thought I would go to a camp ground near where I work. That was my plan. Do something different, new and fun.

I wound up crying. I wanted to make a new memory. It didn’t happen.

I decided to give up and go home.

As I walked into my house, my phone was ringing. It was my mom. She told me they were over at the church and I should come and watch fireworks with them. I said no, I’m tired. I think I will just go to bed and get some rest.

She asked me what was wrong. I said nothing. She said I know better I can hear it in your voice. Now get over here.

So I went. I watched fireworks. I cried some more.

A new memory was made, not exactly the way I wanted it to be, but it was made.

Mama always knows…..


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