With A Sigh….

Last night, I sighed. I don’t often sigh out of contentment. This is as content as I have been in a couple of weeks. I stress myself out at times to the point of getting on my own nerves. I worry about everything.

A typical Gemini, I play out ever case scenario in my had until I sigh out of exasperation. I overthink everything. I ask a question and prepare for a negative response simply so it doesn’t hurt so badly if i am right and I am pleasantly surprised if I am wrong.

I sigh at myself a lot. Not the sigh of happiness like I had last night but out of pure frustration at myself mostly.

It was something simple yet vast as the night sky. It was full of meaning and a reminder of just how small we truly are.

I was happy in that moment. It was a chance to discuss something besides the trivialities of the every day. I was educated to something I never knew. I was enlightened to something I hadn’t thought about. I was happy in those moments. I was looking at something I had never seen before and I was amazed. I was happy. I was content. I sighed. I smiled. I enjoyed the moment . I was present in this moment that will never be again. I was in a most comfortable place.  I like sighing. I like smiling. I enjoy being in the presence of that one person that came make me sigh like that.

Another memory to put in the vault.


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