I Suffer From Hummingbird Syndrome…

When doing work, any kind of work, I take on the appearance of a hummingbird.

Do it quick. Flit around dibbing and dabbing. It needs to be done, get it done.

My person, who is cool, calm and collected, he reminds me that sometimes you just have to take your time. You are not going to get it right the first time, just keep working at it and you will improve it each time you work on it.

My best friend….another hummingbird. We work together at my part time job which is her full time job. We think so much alike that a great deal of the time we don’t even need to speak, we just know what needs to be done and we do it.

I saw these two theories in action today when I went to pick up lunch. The manager was literally in a dead run. The girl working the front line, didn’t get a worked up. She just waited for the orders to come from the back. I mean what else could she do?

He wasn’t getting anything done any faster than she was and he was working himself into a frenzy.

Yesterday after working 6 days straight, 3 of those days I worked both jobs, I decided to give myself a break. When I wasn’t working (on the job) my brain was working on one of the many projects I have started. So….I decided to do something I wanted to do. Now, I will admit there were things I needed to do, they will be there when I get home. Nobody is going to go  do them for me. It was time for a break, before I had a break.

 I went to the movies by myself. I don’t really like to go to the movies by myself. I just don’t but I also don’t want to bother people so alone I go. I have only done it twice in four years. There was a movie I wanted to see,“Inside Out” 

It is a kids movie and it is about the little voices that live in your head and how those little voices control our reaction to things, which is stored in our memory bank.

So while I was sitting in the theater, I was getting a life lesson. Here is what I discovered… “Joy” has a hard job. “Sadness” is a part of life and it can quickly turn to despair that makes you want to flop down and not move. “Joy” then swings in and drags ” Sadness” along the journey. She doesn’t leave “Sadness” behind.

Never let “Fear”, “Anger” and “Disgust” run the control board. Problems will surely ensue.

It was almost like they had been walking around in my brain.

So coming home from the movies, I thought about one of the project that had me stumped. It wasn’t working out like I WANTED it to. I decided to make a stop on the way home. Then low and behold (insert harp music and a bright spot like from beyond here), I found the very things I needed to complete one project and make a good bit of progress on another.

Maybe sometimes, we just need to check out of our own head. Let fear, anger, disgust and sadness have a break from doing their jobs. They will be around when you need them.  Let joy poke around a little and just go with the flow.  It seems like that is when I make the most progress.

Hummingbird wings have a lot to carry. Sometimes they need a rest too.


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