A New Look At Things….

I recently (like today recently) saw a quote from Norman Rockwell. It said “Common places never become tiresome. It is we who become tired when we cease to be curious and appreciative…we find that it is not a new scene which is needed but a new viewpoint”.

I have taken this to heart. I have had so much negativity thrown at me as of late that some of it has started sticking to me. You know like someone just shot a spit wad out of the end of a straw in the school cafeteria and it plastered you right up side the head. It has been one of those times.

I don’t  like it! I don’t want to feel this way! It is up to me to change my reaction to it!!!

We can allow others to make us miserable, simply because they are miserable or we can fight back and look at the good things we  get to see and do on a daily basis.

I am choosing the latter. I will fight back with kindness and love, I will push the negative away by helping others. I will make others smile simply because I can and I will look at the positive changes in my life.

Today, the universe has sent a great many examples of this my way.

Here are but a few things that have happened this day.

I am at work and this elderly couple comes in needing help with several different things. (Where can I get a watch battery, can you show him how to download an e-book) I help them the best I can and the lady smiles at me, asks my name, introduces herself and her husband and tells me thank you for being so kind as to help them. It was nice to help someone who appreciated it.

We were going through some old photos and we found an old photo of me. My co-worker looked at me and said, “I didn’t realize how much you have shrunk.” I took a photo of the photo and a selfie, (I have resorted to the bathroom mirror selfie). This is how I have to see the difference. I was quite noticeable. I had just told my person last night that I am pretty happy with the person I have discovered at the age of 47. It has taken me my whole life to find her. She is pretty cool, warts, wrinkles and all. Finding the old photo of me, made me think about who she was and who I am. She was from close to the end of chapter one and I am 2 days away from the beginning of year 4 of chapter two. She had no clue of the changes heading her way. I am on an adventure of a lifetime, the great unknown. Wouldn’t life be boring if we knew what the future held for us?

I go to pick up lunch. A co-worker from a different branch is sitting in our parking lot. We are standing outside talking and his brother, whom he is meeting, pulls into the parking lot. I, many years ago, in the preface of the book of my adult life, dated his brother. Now, if he (the brother) is alone he will say hey and go on with his life, which is super cool with me. When he is with his wife, he won’t even look at me. I find this comical. That was literally a lifetime ago. When I hugged my co-worker, telling him good bye,  his brother decided to hit me on the arm and ask me how I am. My reply, life is very good to me. I answered him as honestly as I knew how.

After lunch, a young man comes in. He is looking for atypical books for a young man in our area his age. His little brother was with him. He was a fine example for his brother. When first entering they asked me where the teen section was. I told him. Then he asked about Dantes’ Inferno, about poetry books and books by Edgar Allen Poe.

I helped him find what he is looking for. This is no ordinary teen reader. He settled for Poe and Robert Frost.

Being a lover of poetry, I was very happy to see this young man who also enjoyed it.

All these things were sent to show me that those around me may not  and probably will not change. I can damage myself physically (running myself ragged for people who don’t appreciate it) and mentally, trying to please everybody else  or I can change my perspective. I have to focus on what I am doing for others and why I do it. I can spend my energy doing what is good for my body and soul. I must keep my eye open for those magical ordinary things that come along every day.
Those people in my life that make it worth living and ignore those who have to make you feel bad to feel good about themselves.

They will continue to harp and I can continue to cower or I can duck before the spit wad hits me and let them scrape it off the wall.

 I was curious about why all these things can across my path today. Until I thought about it. It is to show me that everyday things can contain magic you don’t/can’t/won’t  see.  I appreciate that I am in a position to help others. Maybe a change of perspective is all that is required….. at least for the time being.


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